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Submit your application to the Acceleration and Pre-Acceleration programs.
Applications are open to anyone (it is not necessary to be a Bocconi student or alumnus/a) anywhere.

Deadline: June 23, 2024.

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Pre-Acceleration program
Turning your disruptive idea into a viable business

The B4i pre-acceleration program has played a key role in turning our business idea into reality through diverse, interactive training sessions and the access to the invaluable network of the Bocconi community.

Giulio Simone and Irene Simone, Zero Impack

The pre-accelerator program was the first step towards becoming a real company. We found full support from the team, and achieved a growth that projected us into the future. We are extremely grateful for that challenging but fulfilling experience.

Antonella Viggiano and Benedetta Fanelli, Khooa

The pre-acceleration program really helped us to hone in on critical areas of our business, and also gave us access to an incredible network of mentors and advisors, many of whom we are still in touch with even after the end of the program!

Dayana Yermolayeva and David Linsey, JiPay

The Pre-Acceleration program is a unique opportunity to turn your business ideas into reality, supported by a network of professionals with extensive experience in creating successful startups.

Clarice Buonsante, Tipicality

The Pre-Acceleration program is one of the best opportunities for young startups in Italy. Thanks to B4i, we understood how you can shift from Idea to Startup in the right way.

Alessandro Puppo, Green Games

The Pre-Acceleration program in brief

Our Pre-Accelerator is a 3-month training program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are working on an early stage business idea. It aims at helping them develop an MVP (minimum viable product), validate their business and plan a go-to-market strategy.

Sessions, in the format of practical training and lectures, will cover different aspects of starting up a business, from customer discovery and market assessment to business model and MVP design, operations and financial planning. While attending the program, entrepreneurs will be supported by a dedicated mentor and have access to legal support and dedicated perks.

The program is held twice a year and welcomes up to 20 teams per batch. It is completely free, open to individuals with any educational background and business experience and runs online: Saturday morning sessions and evening workshops during the week, with networking events at Bocconi University organized throughout the program. The participants are from a diverse range of age groups and educational and professional backgrounds, enriching the peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

To mark the end of the program, the best teams are selected to present in a Demo Day, pitching their ideas in front of a panel of experts and potential investors.

Services Included

  • Dedicated mentor that can help you in developing your startup project at 360°
  • Program format that allows entrepreneurs who work or study full-time to test the validity of their entrepreneurial ideas while keeping their ongoing commitments
  • Access to talent from Bocconi, from bachelor courses to MBAs, through career service support
  • Discounted services from Bocconi and B4i partners, including databases, cloud, CRM, legal, accounting, digital marketing packages, etc.


From our 8th batch


selected teams made of 3 members on average

hours of training


1 or 2
mentors assigned to each team

mentorship sessions

Jun 23

Applications deadline
The application period closes and our team begins the process of candidates selection

Sep 14

Start of the program
The selected candidates begin their 3-month program

Nov 30

End of the program
The initial ideas of entrepreneurs have now taken the form of a minimum viable product


Demo day
Participants will pitch their ideas in front of a panel of evaluators including potential investors, customers and advisors

Our application calls open twice a year in May and November.

Is it for you?

The program is open to anyone (it is not necessary to be a Bocconi student or alumnus/a) anywhere, but to be eligible you must meet certain requirements:

  • Participants need to be in a team of at least 2 people, who must have reached the age of majority.
  • We expect participants to be able to speak English, since the program is entirely held in English.
  • Please note: we expect participants to attend all sessions and workshops.

By joining the Bocconi community, founders will have access to the services that are usually dedicated to students and staff.

Bocconi Alumni

Many of the Bocconi Alumni are founders themselves, if not investors or managers. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the vast expertise and learn from the diverse experiences of the Alumni who are part of our community.

Bocconi Library

While working on campus, entrepreneurs will have access to a vast array of databases from the Bocconi Library (in-person access only), gaining that competitive edge when assessing users, investors and competitors.

Affiliated service providers

Alumnus Angel

If you are a Bocconi Alumnus interested in scouting and investing in early stage companies on an individual basis, consider becoming an Alumnus Angel. Since most of startups begin looking for funding as they complete the Acceleration program, B4i is opening a communication channel to provide selected information to angel investors within the Alumni community, facilitating opportunities with entrepreneurs.

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