Cookie policy

What cookies are

Cookies are packets of information sent from a web server (from this website) to the user’s internet browser and automatically memorized on the PC or mobile device, then automatically sent back to the server at each subsequent access to the website. For this website to function correctly, it is advised that the browser be configured so that cookies are accepted. We hereby inform users that, by default, almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Users may, however, change the default configuration, but deactivating or deleting cookies may compromise the optimal functioning of some areas of the website or some features.

What cookies are used for

Cookies are used for various purposes. The main purposes are to facilitate the performance of processes related to browsing the web, with the aim of automating several of the procedures that would otherwise be repeated each time a user browses a website; memorizing information related to configurations of the user’s terminal; memorizing browsing preferences; and monitoring technical elements related to the browsing session.

Which cookies we use

Our website uses the cookies indicated on the following sections.


This website uses Google Analytics, a service that analyzes the data provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) for the aim of improving usability of web services and communication to users, evaluating the internationalization of users, promoting institutional activities by parametrizing them to the various kinds of user. Google may transfer collected data to third parties where dictated by law. Data is collected only for institutional purposes and will not be transferred for commercial purposes. For more information, please read here.

Notes on third party cookies

Facebook, YouTube and other social networks may use cookies to share content on social networks or to calculate access statistics. The presence, number and status of these cookies may depend on the user’s use of the networks in question or during the visit to the website. Users should be aware of the cookie management policies for social networks on affected websites.

How consent is collected

User consent is collected during the first access to the website, through a banner that indicates obligatory information regarding cookies used by the same. By continuing to browse, the user accepts the website’s default settings. To prevent the banner from reappearing at each access, the website uses technical cookies, which remember the preferences expressed by the user. If the user does not want to express consent to the use of certain cookies, the user can follow the indications hereinafter.

How to install or remove cookies from the terminal

Which cookies to accept can be determined through settings in the browser used to view the website. Default settings for the majority of browsers provide for accepting of cookies, but the user can change these settings by changing the browser configurations. There are also various kinds of software that may change cookies, such as web services or additional browser components.

Guides to browsers used for internet use contain complete information for activating or blocking cookies. Hereinafter are several quick links to view them:

Effects of deactivation of cookies

If the user decides to deactivate cookies, their function should be considered, in order to avoid incurring unwanted changes to browsing the website. In particular, deactivating technical cookies may hinder the use of several of the websites features.