• What are the steps needed to complete the application process?
    - Complete the form on the B4i website with your personal and company information.
    - Access the Metabeta platform, where you’ll be asked to create your profile and fill the qualitative questions specific to your project. Once the profile is completed, you will need to submit the application through the Metabeta program page (you can find the link in the B4i confirmation email).
  • I am a solo founder, can I apply?
    No. The team must consist of a minimum of two people, individual applicants will not be considered.
  • Do I have to be a Bocconi student or a former student to participate?
    No. Anyone over the age of 18 can submit the application.
  • Is the Acceleration program in-person?
    Not necessarily, as we have adopted a hybrid approach. However, participating in person is strongly recommended to take full advantage of all the opportunities of the acceleration program. Physical presence is mandatory during the first week.
  • I read that you invest €50K for up to 5%. Does it mean you evaluate my startup at a minimum of €1M?
    Yes, if you have not received the investment with a higher valuation. Otherwise, we adapt the equity of B4i to your valuation. It’s also important to note that the services we provide are not included in the investment, as they are provided “for free” on top of it.
  • Do I have to provide the startup’s business plan?
    If you’re applying for acceleration, we require that you have at least an idea of your financial projections for the next year. That’s not because we consider them binding, but because we are interested in the thought process behind the plan.
  • Does my startup need to be incorporated?
    No, but if you apply for the acceleration program, we’ll request that you commit to incorporate the startup before the program starts.
  • Do I have to open a branch in Italy?
    Not necessarily, for example, we have supported startups registered in France, England, Lithuania and Kenya. We can’t accept startups registered in countries marked as tax havens (more info in the Startup Call Conditions).
  • Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
    No. Not because we’re here to steal people’s ideas, but because we need to find the best possible projects out of a large number of applications. We can’t sign NDAs with everyone. It’s also in our interest that your ideas stay yours and that we don’t share them with anyone without your consent (it’s written in our rules and regulations). We’re here to invest time and money in you and your projects so that you can thrive, that’s our job, nothing else.
  • If we took part in - or applied for - a different acceleration/incubation program, are we still eligible to participate in B4i?
    Yes, but we will have to check that requirements from other programs are not conflicting (e.g. full-time attendance required for both). Generally speaking, we are ok with you taking part in other programs as it multiplies opportunities for your company’s growth.
  • We need to change/update some of the information we provided. Can we do it?
    Yes. Feel free to do that directly through the Metabeta platform (there is a section that allows communication between the accelerator and the founders), or just email us at infob4i@unibocconi.it

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