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Giorgia Leonardi
Team Leader

BEAWaRe reduces emissions and logistic costs due to waste collection thanks to data analysis and IoT networks.

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Alessandro Donadi
Team Leader is a start-up that is developing a modern online management platform for libraries.

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Cardio Computing

Alessandro Caimi
Team Leader

Cardio Computing aims at enhancing, automatize and standardize, the planning of percutaneous cardiovascular procedure using artificial intelligence. Establishing a new daily clinical standard for the design of new patient-tailored treatments


Mael Vena
Team Leader

Catchup is a startup operating in the pet care market. We offer high tech products designed to help pet owners monitor and understand their pet behavior with artificial intelligence. Also, our efforts are focused on the creation of devices useful for veterinarians that can help them to monitor pet conditions at home and in the clinic.

Creator Cosmos

Dominik Zhang
Team Leader

Creator Cosmos aims to become a marketplace focused on connecting content creators with potential brand partners using customizable filters and powerful analytic tools. Content creators can list their promotional services such as Instagram posts or Tiktok videos on our platform. Companies can list job openings and promotion deals for which they are looking for suitable content creators.

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Massimiliano Pedone
Team Leader

DottSpot helps healthcare professionals to both decrease their business expenses and to research their dream office, making it possible to rent it by the hour.

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Lucia Marrocco
Team Leader

Drype is a solid and water soluble cocktail. It’s ready to drink in a pocket size shape. Thanks to its optimized shape, low weight and minimized volume it reduces the environmental impact deriving from the production, the transportation and the disposal of traditional spirits bottles.

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Fabula Interactive

Mehedi Anam Sarder
Team Leader

Fabula Interactive is a Virtual Reality platform that provides environments for medical learning and training. Our goal is to create the first medical structure for the Metaverse in Italy

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Lorenzo Perotta
Team Leader

Finanz is the first edutech that uses an AI system to make studying financial topics easy, fun and completely free.


Giovanni Rota
Team Leader

Medixgate is a bridge between the wide range of Scientific content developed by Pharma Companies and the constant need of Healthcare professionals in seeking right information and the best support materials to improve their patients' lifes.

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Gabriele Basso
Team Leader

Clemente Leone
Team Leader

Mochimi aims to revolutionize ice-cream consumption, offering an Italian interpretation of traditional Japanese mochi, with a specific focus on healthy and experiential aspects.

Noble Touch

Valerio Voliani
Team Leader

Noble Touch is a startup idea born from the most advanced scientific research in biotechnology, which aims to develop high-tech face treatments for the luxury market by employing the latest discoveries in cosmetics. Noble Touch supports the scientific research for the development of new therapies in oncology.


Isabella Fiorello
Team Leader

OnLeaf proposes bioinspired miniaturized devices capable of precisely monitoring and delivering treatments to plant leaves for precision agriculture and plant bioengineering.


Filippo Tavormina
Team Leader

Farma Pills is an online service that allows users to have a view of all the pharmacies around him which have the drug immediately available in stock. The goal is to help pharmacists in redesigning and optimise the experience in store.


Antonino Casile
Team Leader

The goal of RehabVR is to leverage modern immersive virtual reality to make motor rehabilitation engaging and rewarding as a game and to allow patients to perform their exercises at home while maintaining strict medical supervision.



Lorenza Silvestri
COO & Co-founder

Annamaria Barbaro
CEO & Co-founder

Empethy is a digital platform that connects people looking for a dog / cat to adopt with rescues, kennels, volunteers taking care of abandoned animals. So Empethy is the solution to make pet adoption easier and faster by allowing future adopters to easily find the pet that best suits their needs in their own area, and directly apply for the adoption through the website.

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Federico Creatini
Co-founder & CEO

Camillo Castellani
Co-founder & COO

Lorenzo Marrucci
Co-Founder & Journalist

Sandro Sabatini
Co-Founder & Advisor

Fantacycling is the first fantasy game cycling app, our mission is to bring together all the fans of one of the most popular sports in the world! A simple app easy to use. A user can create a team for the Championship or challenge their friends in a league (public or private).

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Le Ragazze Book Club


Giada Cancellario
Co-founder & CEO

Alice Cancellario

Le Ragazze Book Club is the largest digital book club in Italy. Born with an Instagram presence and recently expanded on TikTok, its objective is to celebrate reading as a form of pop entertainment. Every month the team selects a new, contemporary book, and organizes dedicated discussion sessions with the community via social and through digital meet-ups.

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Nicola Brivio
Co-founder & CEO

Marco Santoro
Co-founder & CTO

Francesco Iaciofano
Co-founder & Web Designer

MyPad is a mobile platform giving all gamers a way to monetize their gametime. Gamers join different esports competitions and events hosted on MyPad and in exchange they receive Golden Points: a token they can redeem on a variety of goods and services for free on the platform.

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Lorenzo Roccati

Francesco Tansella

Alberto Bordin

Federico Visintini

Our startup is all about providing forecasts for restaurants. Specifically, we want to give restaurant managers more information about future demand flow in their operations, to optimize supplies, staff, and openings/closings of operating locations. We answer the question “How many people will be ordering at my establishment tomorrow?”

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Pin Vision


Luigi Goria
Co-founder & CEO

Roberto Chiosa
Co-founder & CTO

Pin Vision is the leading start-up in the digitalization of golf in Italy. We have developed the first app in the world that allows players to know exactly the distance between where they are and the hole.

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Gabriele Barbieri
Co-founder – Operations & Finance

Elia Maino
Co-founder – Product & Tech

Ettore Maria Carfagnini
Co-Founder & CMO

Fabio Di Roma
Co-founder – Sales & Business Development

Revibe is a marketplace dedicated to upcycling fashion, which brings together independent fashion designers who fight against fashion waste. Revibe now brings together about 80 designers from various European countries and over 1,200 products, all regenerated from second-hand materials, unsold stock or production leftovers.

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Luigi Visconti
Founder, CEO & Investor Relation

Nelio Leone
Senior Marketing Advisor

Rosario Peditto

Andrea Lanzone

Freedhome is the first instant renting platform connecting Landlords with Property Managers and thanks to its artificial intelligence allows Landlords to maximize their rental income, rent in a few clicks and select a the most suitable certified industry expert for making the most out of the property turning it in a guaranteed and no-hassle rental income.

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Francesco Gaetarelli

Algert Gjoka

Fabio Gaetarelli

Komete (Smart Factory Made Easy) aims at simplifying the transition to the 4th industrial revolution of manufacturing SMEs.The Industrial IoT solution is based on a flexible and scalable IoT infrastructure and on a user-friendly cloud software to manage and analyze real-time production data and metrics, improve the communication of shopfloor operators and their safety.

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Alice Strecker
Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Grobshäuser
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Verena Lunkenheimer
Head of Product

Jordan Demmouche

movido helps everyone relocating to get set-up in their new city - switching phone numbers, signing up to utilities, setting up WiFi, etc. - with movido, users from all over the world can subscribe to, modify, and cancel their admin contracts within 10 minutes and completely free of charge.

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Andrea Lisi
Co-Founder e CEO

Federica Pavesi
Co-Founder & Head of Products

Michele Barale
Head of Sales and Marketing

Nutriti is a health-tech startup providing high-quality, personalized food supplements and bespoke nutritional advice.

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Stefano Allegra
Co-founder & CTO

Fabio Marniga
Co-founder & Head of Sales

Maria Vittoria Zacchè
Head of Customer Care

Enrico Paiardi
Software Infrastructure Architect

Qodeup has developed a portal dedicated to the creation of digital menus in the world of catering with various features that make it a leader in the sector and an important tool for the restaurateur.

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