Become an Alumnus Angel
Investment opportunities
for Bocconi alumni

B4i's mission is to help startups grow and succeed by investing the experience, knowledge and resources of the wider Bocconi community.

Alumni are a pillar of this community, to which we offer different ways to get involved: one of these is to learn about B4i's startups and possibly meet the entrepreneurs in order to seize any opportunity to grow one’s business and investment portfolio.

There are plenty of experienced and talented angel investors within the Bocconi Alumni community and we would love to link this wealth of experience and investment potential with B4i's accelerated startups.

Why become
an Alumnus Angel

Most of our startups begin looking for funding as they complete the Acceleration program, and one of our main goals is to constantly improve their chances of finding investors.

This is why we are opening a communication channel to provide selected information to angel investors within the Alumni community, facilitating opportunities with entrepreneurs.

If you are a Bocconi Alumnus interested in scouting and investing in early stage companies on an individual basis, consider becoming an Alumnus Angel

You will have first hand access to a group of carefully selected startups with significant growth potential: only 2% of applications pass our programs’ selections

You will receive informative one-pagers of the startups which are currently fundraising

You will have the opportunity to be personally introduced to startups of your interest

You will be able to fund innovative companies and work along talented entrepreneurs

You will play an active role within the alumni community and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs

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