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Ravi Francesco Srinivasan
Team Leader

aMuse is an app designed for tourists that encloses in a single tool itineraries, audio guides and all features necessary for comfortably visiting a city and its museums.

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MSc Giacomo Zeni
Team Leader

BugsLife proposes solutions for insect-based bioconversion of agro-industrial by-products into valuable proteins for the feed industry.

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Campo Digitale

Davide Menguzzato
Team Leader

Campo Digitale is a digital service, conceived to help small local grocery producers to sell their products online and deliver them into people’s homes.

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CIBI Spray

Gaia de Marzo
Team Leader

CIBI Spray is a medical device that, when applied to superficial wounds, especially chronic ones, protects them and provides immediate information about early signs of bacterial infection thanks to an instant visual feedback.


Pier Paolo Pollano
Team Leader

Highly technological precision agriculture system for vineyards optimization. Increasing profitability and sustainability in the viticulture industry.


Nicola Brivio
Team Leader

Our product is an online platform that aggregates different offerings for diagnostic examinations in private clinics.


Barbara Canale
Team Leader

Gallerinsta is the first e-commerce platform and digital gallery which aims at empowering emergent Italian artists.


Alessandro Romano
Team Leader

Ittinsect is a sustainable project with the mission of eliminating fishing not intended for direct human consumption.

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Antonella Viggiano
Team Leader

Benedetta R. Fanelli
Team Leader

A web platform that filters e-tailers' fashion offer according to the bodyshape and the chromatic palette of the users.

Kidaria Bioscience

Attilio Marino
Team Leader

Gianni Ciofani
Team Leader

Kidaria Bioscience proposes the fabrication and commercialization of cosmetic and nutraceutical natural products from Cinque Terre with remarkable antioxidant/antiaging properties.

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Robert Ballante
Team Leader

NextGenGuard provides its clients with identity theft protection services by constantly monitoring their financial data, providing insight in case of fraudulent activities in their bank accounts and guiding thought the process of identity restoration.


Matteo Pizzuto
Team Leader

Readders is a platform that welcomes publishers, writers and readers in one place, so that each can benefit from the activities of the other.

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SVEI - Smart Venous Entry Indicator

Alperen Acemoglu
Team Leader

Peripheral intravenous catheterization has never been easier. SVEI helps you to find the blood vein and simply informs the user with a led.

The Hijabis

Aziza Ibrahim Ahmed
Team Leader

The Hijabis is the ultimate Made in Italy hijab brand, offering premium quality products sustainably and ethically crafted in Italy.

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Urbana (Eat's Green)

Daniil Timofeev
Team Leader

Urbana aims to urbanise agri-food production to ensure superior quality products in compliance with the principles of sustainability.



Luigi Visconti
Founder, CEO & Investor Relation

Nelio Leone
Senior Marketing Advisor

Rosario Peditto

Andrea Lanzone

Freedhome is the first instant renting platform connecting Landlords with Property Managers and thanks to its artificial intelligence allows Landlords to maximize their rental income, rent in a few clicks and select a the most suitable certified industry expert for making the most out of the property turning it in a guaranteed and no-hassle rental income.

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Francesco Gaetarelli

Algert Gjoka

Fabio Gaetarelli

Komete (Smart Factory Made Easy) aims at simplifying the transition to the 4th industrial revolution of manufacturing SMEs.The Industrial IoT solution is based on a flexible and scalable IoT infrastructure and on a user-friendly cloud software to manage and analyze real-time production data and metrics, improve the communication of shopfloor operators and their safety.

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Alice Strecker
Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Grobshäuser
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Verena Lunkenheimer
Head of Product

Jordan Demmouche

movido helps everyone relocating to get set-up in their new city - switching phone numbers, signing up to utilities, setting up WiFi, etc. - with movido, users from all over the world can subscribe to, modify, and cancel their admin contracts within 10 minutes and completely free of charge.

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Andrea Lisi
Co-Founder e CEO

Federica Pavesi
Co-Founder & Head of Products

Michele Barale
Head of Sales and Marketing

Nutriti is a health-tech startup providing high-quality, personalized food supplements and bespoke nutritional advice.

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Stefano Allegra
Co-founder & CTO

Fabio Marniga
Co-founder & Head of Sales

Maria Vittoria Zacchè
Head of Customer Care

Enrico Paiardi
Software Infrastructure Architect

Qodeup has developed a portal dedicated to the creation of digital menus in the world of catering with various features that make it a leader in the sector and an important tool for the restaurateur.

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