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Carlotta Totaro Fila
Team Leader

Alia breeds edible insects and produces and sells 100% made in Italy cricket food products, as a tasty and innovative alternative source of sustainable proteins, produced in a circular economy mode, in a solar powered farm, digitally equipped to control energy expenditures and CO2 production.


Athanassia Athanassiou
Team Leader

Alkí-vío represents an environmentally friendly and industrially scalable technological answer to the increasing global demand for greener alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. Alkí-vío proposes sustainable bioplastics & biocomposites based on the reutilization of industrial residues of paper and cardboard, as well as agricultural and food residuals, in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

Audit Colony

Massimo Babbi
Team Leader

Audit Colony is a decentralised organisation project that aims to change the way we work within a trusted and high-quality audit firm; through the Ethereum blockchain it is possible to record permanently and without tricks the reputation earned on the field by practitioners in a context of continuous personal and professional growth.

Axess4You (A4Y)

Andrea Mantovani
Team Leader

Axess4You (A4Y) is an AI based startup that ensures faster, better, sustainable access of (new) treatments for Patients around Europe. We are Inspired by Patients & Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Antonio Capone
Team Leader

Behey helps companies to bring their products from online to offline channels.
Companies can test them at an affordable price by tracking shopping behaviors of customers eager to know and try what world is creating.
Behey is made for human interaction and in-person discovery.

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Oscar Teja
Team Leader

An existing cultural barrier separates the Armed Forces career to the Private Industries. Change-It provides the answer: with our Armed Forces to Business Platform and based on the founders' personal experiences we have created a bridge between these two different worlds. We provide Mentoring - Re-skilling - Branding - Matching expertise to our candidates and we partner with companies ready to hire them.

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Stefano Frosi
Team Leader

Cucinery is a ghost kitchen aggregator that gives everyone the opportunity to start a food business in the most flexible way through the creation of a community spirit among food enthusiasts.

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Rosario Capponi
Team Leader

Futuredata is a startup owner of the Ariadne brand, the first data-driven materials recovery system for e-waste. It offers an operational response to the growing demand for environmental sustainability and Circular Economy.

Good Vibes

Andrea Cecchinelli
Team Leader

Good Vibes is the digital platform that puts the artist and the user in direct contact. The idea is to create a showcase for the artist and, at the same time, allow users to personalize their event with quality music. The perfect music for a successful event.

Green Games

Alessandro Puppo
Team Leader

At Green Games, we create mobile games to represent a free, fun and innovative way to help the planet. We strongly believe that we can build a better future just by making people happier.

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Green Island

Andrea Di Carlo
Team Leader

Green Island is a food service company that inspire people to eat and live sustainable. We source daily fresh ingredients from local farmers we personally trust and we make food from scratch, by respecting the value of the nature.

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Gabriele Gamberini
Team Leader

At LAWBOTiCA, we make finding the right lawyer as easy as finding an hotel. By text-mining Court’s decisions, LAWBOTiCA’s algorithm unveils how many cases a lawyer has already handled on a specific topic and the success rate, improving the matching between customers and lawyers.

Liquity Fund

Mario Moschetta
Team Leader

Liquity Fund is a blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform that aims to remodel startups and companies’ financing model by simplifying access to funding and making startups investment environment more liquid for investors.

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Francesco Matteoni
Team Leader

Mealot is a food delivery that offers genuine and affordable meals using excess food from local kitchens in order to avoid food waste and improve the kitchen management.

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Flavio Giassi
Team Leader

The mission of phrog is to be the main B2B E-Commerce multi-brand platform between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. Phrog creates value simplifying the direct channel and generating advantages for pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries thanks to digitalization Artificial Intelligence, cashbacks, big data analysis and other digital features widely used in other B2B industries.


Daniele Bursich
Team Leader

Plinius is a platform which aims to build a community to share services between the various players in the culture world, a virtuous circle able to satisfy different needs through the complementary roles of Plinius members.

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Gherardo Brusamonti
& Nader Mohamed
Team Leaders

RiSpesa is a two-sided platform able to capture cross-side network effect. An innovative marketing platform offering reports on trends, shopping habits and a high drive to store conversion. Users receive tailor-made offers based on their actual needs.


Nemanja Todorovic
Team Leader

Solento will be a power trading company on the European liberalized power market. As a new market participant we will bring more competitiveness, reduce inefficiencies and capture opportunities to efficiently integrate renewable energy generation across different regions and countries.


Lorenzo Piovani
Team Leader

Wapi is a free-of-charge service that uses AI and satellite imagery to analyze agricultural fields. Its mission is to support farmers in their daily activities, reducing costs and environmental impact.

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Marco Cantini
Team Leader

winenot? is a wine pairing innovative service, which gives you the chance to be like a sommelier.

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